37 thoughts on “Video: I want to be a crony

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  8. mudguy

    When one gets money from earned income tax rebate, money from welfare, food stamps and Social Security disability sure they pay some sales tax. But you count that as tax money when they are using tax money to pay the taxes with. Its like using your credit card to make your minimum payment.

  9. Nopefull

    I love this! More, please. I love the beginning about how we used to dream as kids. We need to constantly remind fellow citizens and ridicule the culture wars started by the Washington-Hollywood-MSM cabal that has killed our kids’ dreams.

  10. Gary

    Voter, the video is illustrating a far more subtle point — not that children want to work for the government, but that they’re being taught that being in, or having friends in, government is the best or only path to success.

    I have no doubt the Jefferson Smith you referred to was the admirable Jimmy Stewart character (and you deserve extra points for the reference!) but that fictional character shares the stage with two other characters of the same name, one an archetype of the crony who receives favors from government, the other a current politician with a rather spotted record, and both examples of what have been presented as “successes” under the current administration (and of some in the past).

    With all due respect, it may be as difficult for a current high school student to see the point of the video as it might be for a fish to comment on water, but I want to encourage you to step back for a wider perspective. I do wish you the best.

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  14. Huapakechi

    Not all conservatives are Christians. Spend some time on a reservation (away from the casino) and learn what government generosity has done to American Indians.

  15. Huapakechi

    No substantive response? Nothing in the liberal dogma that points to a witty reply? You disappoint me.

    Charity is for those who cannot take care of themselves, not for those who refuse to provide for their own basic needs.

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  17. toomuchsense

    While I don’t know personally what you give to charties in forms of cold cash, and physical labor. Just relying on statisical evidence, would give me a likely assumption of the pathetic amount that you likely donate. Check it out. The new figures on charitable giving have just came out. Doesn’t look good for liberals and their home team states.
    But then again, you claim good intentions, rather than sweat in the field and dollars from your wallet.
    You’re a saint Seattleways. In your mind’s eye.

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