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Why Stadium Subsidies Always Win: Q&A with J.C. Bradbury

In this Reason.tv video, Kennesaw State University economist J.C. Bradbury discusses the rational ignorance, individual benefits, and dispersed costs that allow stadium subsidies to, seemingly always, get passed. Also, people just seem to like sports. It’s a great video worth five minutes of your day:

“One of the things we often find about these stadiums,” explains Kennesaw State University economist J.C. Bradbury, is that “[politicians and supporters] always underestimate the costs and overestimate the benefits.”

Video: David Stockman at Reason Magazine discussing crony capitalism

Mr. Stockman has recently launched a very important book call “The Great Deformation”, which highlights the current levels of corruption and cronyism that are hampering America. On this interview you can learn more about his book and cronyism in America.

Video: Crony Capitalists vs. Value Makers

Reason Magazine, through Reason TV has recently lunched this interview with Max Borders. Borders is the director of content at the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) and editor of its flagship publication, The Freeman. In this interview with Nick Gillespie, Borders says that focusing on the gap between rich and poor has become a “fetish” in which people are consumed with the idea that America is no longer an economically mobile society.